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Viewing any website on the Internet is a privilege and not a right which is why most sites have terms and conditions which lay down not only your rights but also your obligations whilst visiting a site.

Whilst we have no wish to be pedantic or dictatorial we have to consider our own liabilities and so your use of this website is strictly under the following terms and conditions, which you must agree to. By continuing to use the website you signify that you do in fact accept every one of these following terms and conditions. If you cannot accept any of them then your licence to use this website is withdrawn immediately and you should not continue to use it in any way.

Purpose of this website

This website is designed to introduce sporting activities to people in the United Kingdom and encourage them to learn a little more about these activities. We do not make any recommendations about whether or not particular sports are suitable for any individuals.

Sports and associations listed in this website

We do not recommend any particular sports or sporting associations and you agree that you will not hold us responsible in any way for any consequences of your taking up any sport or contacting any of the clubs or associations listed on this website.

Suitability of the sports listed on this site

Since we are all different with varying levels of fitness and physical/mental ability some of the sports on this website may be completely unsuitable for you and you agree that you undertake them entirely at your own risk.


The copyright of this website is held by Karen Parr and you agree that you will not reproduce any part of it in any way except for copies that you may make for your own perusal. If you publish any of the material on this website without our permission you agree to pay us suitable compensation and indemnify us in full for any costs that we have in protecting our copyright.

Accuracy of information on this website

Whilst we have made reasonable efforts to give up-to-date and accurate information on this site you agree that there is a possibility that some of it may be out of date, inaccurate or even injurious to you in some way. You agree that you browse our site entirely at your own risk and that you will not attempt to hold any person connected with the creation, management or maintenance of this site responsible in any way for any misadventures that you may suffer as a result of browsing this site.

Security of this site

Whilst we use reasonable industry standard security methods to keep our site secure from hackers and other persons with evil intent we cannot, like every other site on the Internet, give a 100% guarantee that intrusions will not occur. You therefore agree that you will not hold us in any way responsible for any issues that arise as a consequence of this site being compromised, including, but not limited to, fraud attempts, or infection of any device with a computer virus or similar script.

Limitations of our liability

You agree that the owners and contributors to this website, and any other persons or companies that assist with it in any way, have no contractual relationship with you whatsoever and therefore not liable under any circumstances for any problems that you are caused as a result of you visiting this site, or using any of the information on this site.

Links to other companies or individuals

This website may carry links to external websites, or email addresses of individuals. We publish these in good faith and in the belief that these will be useful to our visitors. However we have not checked the bone fides of any of these, and cannot therefore give any warranty that they are genuine.

You agree therefore that you will not hold us responsible in any way for any mishaps that may befall you as a result of you visiting any website, or contacting any person, via this website.

Advertising your club or services on this site

We may accept advertising or articles for inclusion on this site if we feel that they may be of interest to, or benefit, or visitors. If you provide any of these you agree that you will make all efforts to give accurate information, and you agree to indemnify us against any risks of harm, whether physical mental or financial, that results from any person reading your article or advertising copy, contacting you, or visiting your website.

Changes to this website

We may at our absolute discretion make changes to this website or to these terms and conditions at any time and you accept that we have an unassailable right to do so.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

You agree to accept all the above terms and conditions in their entirety. If you continue to make any type of use of this website you affirm your acceptance.

Geographical limitations

This website is designed for the use of persons in the United Kingdom only. If you are from a country other than the United Kingdom you accept that the information in this site may be incorrect, irrelevant or positively injurious to you and you agree that you browse this site entirely at your own risk.

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