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Sport Parachuting

Nothing compares to the thrill of skydiving. To be in freefall, surrounded by nothing but blue sky is to know true freedom.

More and more people are discovering for themselves the pure joy that skydiving can bring. Dynamic, adventurous and colourful, it gives men and women freedom to make the skies their own. Enjoyment, exhilaration and limitless challenge are combined with an exciting social life with people from all walks of life.

The British Parachute Association was founded in 1962 to organise, govern and facilitate sport parachuting within the UK. The Association's aim today is to encourage participation and promote excellence at all levels of skydiving from novice to World Class competitor. Its success is such that today there are around 35 affiliated parachute clubs throughout the country and a membership of more than 30,000.

Most skydiving is done purely for fun, huge skydiving events with a party atmosphere are attended by jumpers from around the world. Skydiving is also a highly competitive sport. Competition takes place at Club, Regional (Grand Prix), National and International level and unlike most competitive sports, skydiving allows men and women to compete on a equal footing - the only limits to success being your own determination to win.

Skydiving is an adrenaline activity that catches the imagination and demands a response. There are two main reactions to the idea- either "No Way" or "I've always wanted to". If the latter sound like you, make it happen!

The BPA website has everything you need to know about where to start and how to progress in skydiving, with a list of all the BPA Affiliated clubs and drop zones in the UK and their contact details.

Further information can be obtained by visiting their website: British Skydiving

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