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Flyball UK

he BFA is the governing body for one of the fastest growing dog sports in the UK.

Flyball is a fun sport for your dog, any dog any age any size, if your dog is fit enough it can play Flyball. There are Starter Classes that your dog can compete in from the age of 12 months, but it has to be at least 18 months old to compete in a BFA Sanctioned Tournament, this is in the best interests of their long-term health. Flyball is a team sport, from a squad of up to 6 you can select 4 dogs to run in a heat. It is a relay race, with 4 dogs and their owners in the team for the heat. The dogs race against another team in another lane, over 4 hurdles, retrieve a ball from the Box at the end of the lane and back over the 4 hurdles, then the next dog goes. The winning team is the first to get all 4 dogs to complete without any faults.

Flyball is the fastest growing dog sport in this country. It is a worldwide sport, with regular European Championships. Flyball is played in America, Canada, Japan, Australia, and many European countries.

There are many Tournaments throughout the year, indoors and outdoors across the country. There are two seasons Winter and Summer, but Flyball Tournaments run all year round. Mainly run in Divisions using seeding times to make the racing competitive. Usually run with electronic starting, timing and fault lighting. Running in these competitions gives your dog BFA points, depending on the time that your team runs, and points really do mean prizes.

There are Open Competitions, which means that all Teams can compete with any Dogs. Multibreed is a popular event, 4 Dogs in each Team, of different Breeds, only one of which can be a Border collie or Working Sheepdog. There is a Multibreed Championship and the BFA Multibreed Team of the year award. Entry to these Tournaments may be limited due to restrictions and logistics.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the British Flyball Association:


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