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Keeping your information safe

We have no wish whatsoever to intrude upon anyone else's privacy. There is information that we collect during our activities however this policy explains what it is and what we do with it.

Information that we collect

'Collect' is perhaps not the right term to use. There is information available to us about visits to our website but we make no effort whatsoever to collect it. If we wish to do so we can find out how many people visited our site, which pages they looked at, which countries they came from, and what sort of devices they were using to visit our site.

None of this information can be used for us to find out anything that could personally identify any visitor. We have no means of finding out just who you are unless you decide to contact as yourself.

Information that you may provide us with

There are ways of contacting us by email on our website. If you do get in touch with us for any reason we will have access to your email address. We will also have any information that you provide us with such as your name and reasons for contacting us. This information is kept on our computer purely so that we can answer any of your comments or queries.

How we store information and keep it safe

Any communications we receive go directly to our computer which is protected by encryption and strong passwords. No other people or organisations have access to this information.

How we treat your information

We do not sell or disclose in any way any information that we have received from or about any of our visitors. In theory we would have to do so if we were ordered to do this under a court order but this is about as likely as being struck by a meteorite.

Your right of access to our information

You have a right to inspect any information that any person or company in Britain holds about you in digital form. This means that you may demand, if you wish, to see any data we hold about you on our computer system. Since this is likely to be of a very small amount we do not propose to make any charge for revealing it to you but we will insist on you providing us with adequate proof that you are indeed the person who this information refers to.

Deletion of data

We will happily delete any information we hold about you, limited though it may be, if you ask us to do so and givers adequate proof of your identity.

Changes to this privacy policy

This policy may be changed at any time for any reason so we suggest that you check it upon any subsequent visits.

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