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Taking Up Badminton

Badminton is an exciting sport and a fun recreation activity - whether it is playing in the back garden or on the beach, at World Class and Olympic level, or at all levels in between, badminton can offer something for everyone. From young to old, all abilities can participate, it is quick to get success and accessible to everyone.

Badminton is the World’s No. 1 racket sport, and approximately 2 million people play in the UK on a regular basis.

BADMINTON England is the National Governing Body of the sport in England, and has a wide development network through England. One of their key tasks is to introduce badminton to as many people as possible, at schools and sports centres etc, so that they can find out for themselves what an enjoyable sport is can be.

There are two distinct elements of the game -

The sport where the shuttle can travel in excess of 100 mph, and players compete in a fast game which demands running, jumping, twisting, stretching, running backwards, forwards and sideways, lunging and hand-to-eye co-ordination, plus quick reflexes, sometimes a delicate drop shot followed by a full-on smash. In a typical two-game singles match, top players will cover nearly every inch of the court, and travel more than a mile.

And a fun, active recreation which can be played by people at all skill levels and ages - from 5 to 95!

There are about 50,000 members affiliated to BADMINTON England, and about 2300 clubs.

BADMINTON England looks after our National Squad, and players represent England all over the world. Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson won a silver medal in the mixed doubles at the Olympics.

Badminton has something to offer everyone - so say the approximately 2 million people in England who play on a regular basis!

For further information: contact BADMINTON England on 01908 268400 or email


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