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Small-Bore And Airgun Target Shooting

Target shooting with small-bore rifles and pistols and air rifles and air pistols is part of one of the largest participant sports in the country. It is open to all, irrespective of age, gender or ability and has a proven track record of improving an individual's concentration and motivation.

Although target shooting was one of the original founding sports for the modern Olympic Games started in 1896, its popularity amongst civilians only really took off in 1900 as a consequence of the Boer War. The Boers' superior marksmanship lead to increasing concern at the capability of the Army to defend the population against invasion. The call went out for the populace to learn to shoot to defend their country and in due course civilian small-bore shooting clubs were formed from which the sport grew.

Shooting is available to everyone at over one thousand clubs around the country that have a variety of indoor and outdoor ranges. Small-bore rifle shooting is mostly carried out over distances of 25 yards (usually on indoor ranges), 50 yards or metres and 100 yards, both outdoors. Airgun shooting is at 6 yards and 10 metres. The clubs provide all the equipment required to learn to shoot, together with all necessary coaching. All you need to bring is yourself and enthusiasm.

This is one of the few sports where male and female and the able and those with disabilities compete equally against one another. Age is no bar to competition. You can start as soon as you are physically strong enough to hold a firearm safely and you can continue well beyond retirement age. Once you are proficient there are very many competitions around the country open to you so you are not restricted to just one venue.

The governing body of the sport is the National Small-bore Rifle Association which can provide a club finder service for anyone wishing to take up this challenging and enjoyable sport.

Further information can be obtained by visiting their website: National Small Bore Rifle Association

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