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Roller Hockey - What Is It?

Roller Hockey is a fast semi-contact ball game played on roller skates or blades between two teams, consisting of four floor players and one goalkeeper each, that was invented in England in 1896.

The object of the game is to score goals by passing, dribbling and shooting a small hard ball into the opposition's goal using a stick, that is similar to the ‘original’ two sided field hockey stick.

This fast paced sport is an exciting spectacle, no matter what the level of play, that has significant tactical similarities to Basketball (screens, blocks and set plays) and is played on any smooth hard surface such as concrete, parquet or tiles, known as a ‘rink ‘, that is ideally between 20m x 40m and 15m x 30m in size.

Although Roller Hockey is a small sport in England, it is extremely popular in Latin countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Argentina where Clubs such as FC Barcelona, FC Porto and Deportivo La Corunia attract crowds in excess of 5,000 people to matches and employ the best professional players from around the world.

To find the closest Club where you can play Roller Hockey take a look at the Rink Hockey Association of England website:

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