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Road Racing Clubs

Glitz, glamour, speed, noise, thrills and occasionally spills... road racing has it all!

The most high profile of all the motorcycle sports in the UK, Road Racing, on closed tarmac surfaces dominates the public face of our sport. TV coverage features not only UK Championships but also MotoGP and World Superbikes, fuelling sales of road bikes and creating a multi million pound worldwide market.

In the UK riders can compete at Club level from as young as 11 years of age up to 125cc Production Automatic Scooters. Once they get to 12 they are allowed to progress onto the popular Production 125 machines that dominate teenage racing through the Aprilia Superteen series. At 13, with the appropriate level of experience, youngsters can progress onto 125cc racing machines and compete at National level. From here it is but a short step to European racing and then Grand Prix!

Back in the UK, club racing takes place at permanent tarmac circuits across the UK every weekend between March and November. Most clubs run classes for all types of bike, from 125 to 1000cc Superbikes.

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