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Playing Rounders

Rounders is an exciting striking and fielding game where the aim is to hit the ball and run round 4 bases to get a rounders. It can be played by children and adults, and is currently the most popular sport for secondary school girls. There are over 30 adult leagues in the country.

A team consists of nine players on the field, and can be women’s or mixed teams. Adult teams tend to be made up of local village groups, friends, work colleagues, players from other sports looking for a summer game and young people who want to continue playing rounders after leaving school.

The initial appeal is that rounders is fun to play, and doesn't involve buying a lot of very expensive equipment. After a short time the sport can become addictive.

Recruiting players can be easier than you think. Advertise locally in the newsagents, the sports hall, the library, newsagents etc., and don't forget the local schools. The local free newspapers or radio station will often run articles . If there is a local league contact them for information on how to join and what help they can give you with coaching etc. or friendly matches to give you practice.

If you do form a team you would be advised to become National Rounders Association members. Contact the NRA office for help if you aren't getting anywhere locally, they may be able to advise you and can certainly help as you gain in proficiency and provide you with insurance.

If playing equipment is not available from your Leisure Department it can be bought from the NRA approved suppliers. A set of 4 bases, posts, balls and bats can cost less than you might think. It may be that your local Council, Sport England or Awards for All can give grants. You could also ask local business for sponsorship.

Most Leisure Departments are happy to mark pitches out (for a charge) and Sports Development Officers may help start a league.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the National Rounders Association website:

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