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Rowing And Rowing Clubs

Rowing is available to everybody, be it on land or on water.

Anyone of any age can start rowing, at school, university or a club. We have over five hundred rowing clubs, using rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas all around the country, and their member's range from 9 to 80 years in age. These clubs welcome new recruits and offer a free trial for people interested in getting into the sport.

Rowing takes place in many different sizes of boat, from eight people with a steersperson (cox) down to a single sculler (one person with two oars). In between there are;

Fours like the one Sir Steve Redgrave was in at the Sydney Olympics.

Quads for four people with two oars each.

Pairs and double sculls.

The shape and style of a boat also varies greatly, depending on whether it is for beginners or competitors. The latter will be fine racing shells, whereas the former will provide a more stable platform with which to start your rowing experience.

As an activity, rowing exercises more muscles than any other sport, which is why it has become so popular in gyms. It is also a low-impact sport, as your weight is supported by the boat or seat of your indoor rower, this means there is less strain on your joints and is an ideal pastime as you get older.

This sport is not just about the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race and Henley Royal Regatta, it is about people in boats enjoying being out on the water. Whether you want to train or relax, tour or compete, rowing does it all.

For more information visit the website of the British Rowing Association now to find out about clubs in your area and see how you can get involved: British Rowing

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