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Motocross (MX), Supercross (SX)

MotoCross is a colourful all-action sport which takes place all year round.

Most racing is held from early spring to late Autumn but indoor venues allow competitors to race Supercross away from the winter wind and rain. These days you can enjoy the sport all year and in all weather conditions.

The enclosed dirt tracks are laid out over natural or man-made undulating terrain, with spectacular jumps and turns. Races can last from 10 to 40 minutes depending on the profile of the event.

One of the great thrills for both competitors and spectators is the mass start with up to 40 riders racing to get to the first bend. Motocross is very much a family sport, suitable for all ages and abilities. From as young as six years of age boys and girls can compete on automatic machines. There are age and capacity classes, including classes for sidecars and quad. Even if you are not in the first flush of youth, there will be something for you too, with pre-65 twin shock, junior and expert classes.

As a spectator sport it is second to none for its followers. The speed of the riders, and the trackside viewing all make it a compelling sport to watch. Motocross publications feature glossy action shots, and there is a strong market for motocross action videos. There are also a number of motocross games for the personal computer. The emphasis in all the media is the excitement, action and glamour associated with a spectaclar sport ... on a junior scale. Boys and girls from a young as six years old have the opportunity to participate in this exciting sport. While many children are still struggling with pedal cycles, motocross riders compete in races on specially built tracks that have challenging features such as jumps and corners with varied surfaces to suit the age and skill of riders.

There is an evolution as children grow in skill and move up the ranks, on bikes of increasing size and engine capacity (65cc - 85cc - 125cc). The development of future stars can be seen as riders hone their skills and abilities to race for longer periods at higher physical levels. With this skill comes maturity and respect for what can be achieved, with an over-riding emphasis on safety and responsibility for oneself and others with whom you are competing. And most of all it remains fun.

This evolution makes the sport so accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. The sport thrives because of family involvement and the support that comes from a family group.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the website: ACU Motorcycling

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