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Microlight Flying And Microlight Aircraft

Blow Away The Travel Blues - FLY A MICROLIGHT!

Are you tired of traffic jams and all the other hold ups and hassles of modern travel. Then think about flying a microlight. While it may not ease your commuting problems microlight flying will give you a totally different view of the world and present an exciting challenge, to fly as a pilot in command of your own aeroplane.

Microlights make affordable aviation available to all, from age 17 to 70; and disabled people fly microlights on equal terms with all other pilots. Today's microlight aircraft are faster, quieter, safer, more comfortable and easier to fly than ever before. In 2000 Colin Bodill became the first person to fly a microlight solo around the world in less than eighty flying days.

There are different types of microlight from powered hang-glider types or flexwings, to those that look and perform just like conventional light aircraft. Reliable and economical purpose built four-stroke and two-stroke engines now make water crossings almost a routine occurrence. You don't need a large airfield, a farmer's field will do, and many microlights can be packed up, placed on a trailer and taken home to your garage. With relatively slow flying speeds and low inertia the microlight is one of the safest forms of recreational flying in the UK.

The British Microlight Aircraft Association website has all the information you need about the sport, what training is required, how to get a trial lesson (all clubs and schools in UK and British schools overseas are listed), and links to other microlight related sites. Visit the British Microlight Association at their website:

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